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StylEz ARTistry 

A Soul's Expression  


About Stylez

Warren “Stylez” Harvey was born in 1987 and raised in South Kansas City, Missouri. The name “Stylez” is an alias, used to describe his unique style. Stylez works predominantly as a painter, but has broadened his talents to include photography, dance, poetry, and inspirational speaking. He is self-taught and has expressed an interest in the arts since a very young age. Stylez has had many successful art shows and has showcased his artwork at various events in the Kansas City area. His inspiration comes from within him. He allows his inner voice to guide every brush stroke- ultimately creating the masterpieces that you see today. Stylez creates to inspire and uplift himself and others. Using bright vibrant colors, he displays the creativity and beauty of The Creator.

Stylez lives by the mantra “I Am That I Am.” Currently, he still lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri.

About My Work 

My work is a reflection of my truth: a reflection of my personality. I create according to my inner guide. My emotions drive me into various expressions. My work reflects the lessons I have learned and how I have made various connections throughout my life. I learn about myself through my work; therefore, I create with the aim to understand myself. Just like in life, I commit to taking a journey with my art. The journey brings positive and negative emotions, but to complete the process, I must push through the negative towards a complete creation. I have to push through any judgments, discouragement, and uncomfortable moments. I paint with the intention to experience growth characteristically. When I have pushed passed the discomfort, I have learned more about me and my capabilities. This is a journey of manifestation. I learn to trust the unknown as opposed to assuming what is ahead or letting fear deter me from forging ahead. This is the journey of a masterpiece: the ultimate art of expression and freedom. Authenticity informs my work in that my art inspires me to continue toward my truth. Bright vibrant colors, organized through chaos, and creating a balance and flow is the journey through the unknown.

As I forge ahead, I create new and everlasting understanding within myself. I manifest beauty and growth in my life through my paint brush. Art has been both an escape and balm for living my life well with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, using bright colors and expressive brush strokes to fight through my anxiety. My art allows me to see the beauty amid my flaws. The process I use to create each unique piece is the process I take in life to be a complete person. I respect the process and love myself through it. I remind myself that the journey is not about the finished product, but about the curves and straights it took to get to the finished product. The process leads to more and more creativity. I obey the guidance. Let resistance inspire me to see the problem. Acceptance allows me to see the solution. In these steps, the journey continues in my life and with each piece.